Learning More About the Vital Differences Between Glue and Micro Ring Hair Extensions

There are different types of hair extensions available. Of the available options, micro and glue extensions are more popular all around the globe. But then, which one is better? Are both these same? Which one do you suggest? And most importantly, why on earth should I be using hair extensions? What’s the requirement?

Why do we need hair extensions?

The extensions are required by those who want to bring in more volume to their overall hair setup. Also, many people experience thinning of hair with the passing of the age. With extensions, your hair style would look more voluminous while bringing back your long lost confidence. Those who have short hair can benefit much from using extensions. It can help in adding that extra meter of length to your hair style.


Copying your favorite celebrity’s style never looked easier before! Adding color to these extensions saves your actual hair from any kind of damage. You can apply any color and style to these extensions without showing concern for your real hair. Because they remain unaffected! Use these items to flaunt your new hair styles every week or even every day to amaze your fans.

Now, coming to Micro and Glue extensions, let’s start with Micro rings.

Understanding Micro Rings

When you visit a hair extensions salon and ask for micro rings, the beautician will use a certain technique where strands of natural hair are being combined with artificial hair through tiny sized copper rings to form a natural looking extension. These are also known as the micro loop or micro bead extensions. These are the perfect option if you consider long term extension solution. These are applied on a single strand on a time basis through the help of rings. No glue is used for attaching the extensions. Everything is done on the basis of these micro rings. These extensions last for near about 3-4 months at a stretch. If you have a shorter hair style, no more than 4” in length, you can use these extensions to extend the length.

And there are the glue extensions. What are they?

As the name suggests, their functionality is also the same. These extensions are glued into the place. If they are applied properly, they would remain attached for nearly 90-120 days without showing any signs of wear and tear.

h air extensions

Which is better: micro or glue?

Well, each comes with their set of pros and cons. But then, micro rings have that extra edge over glue extensions. The micro ring extensions can be reused many a time. However, same is not true for glued-in hair extensions. Also, the absence of glue makes micro ring extensions safer to your natural hair. There is absolutely no chance of damage to be caused to your natural hair when you apply or take off the micro rings. You will never be requiring any chemicals for taking off these micro ring extensions.

When using micro ring extensions, you can fit them back to back without letting your actual hair to rest in between the fittings. But with glued-in, you will always need to let your natural hair rest in between the fittings. Micro rings are often regarded as the safest of all the hair extensions available these days.

Purchasing Tips For The Best Quality Hair Extensions

It can be quite an intimidating task to purchase a nice quality hair extension. It would take a whole lot of time and effort to figure out the best extensions available in the market to suit your outlook. Unless you are a bit more careful, you would end up purchasing those overly processed and wrong types of hair extensions that would prove to be a very expensive mistake.

hair extensions

Professional hair extensions salons are available all throughout London and other parts of United Kingdom. With the increasing popularity of hair extensions among the modern-day women, a wide range of different styles and types are available in the market. In fact, the frequency by which new kinds are being introduced to the market is quite higher.

It’s a necessity to have great hair extensions as it makes your appearance near perfect before the society. If you have short locks or has struggled with limp r super-fine locks, extensions may just be the best way to make your looks get enhanced beyond imagination.

When purchasing hair extensions, be very careful with the items you have in hand. The suppliers would love to provide you with any type of extensions. But then, unless you are extra careful, things would never turn out for the better. You must be careful in picking the right quality for these extensions. In my opinion, it would be a reliable option to approach a hair extensions salon for the part. A reputed salon will never take chances with the quality aspect of these items. After all, their reputation is at stake. So they would try to play every card in the book to make the customers develop a positive mindset about their products and services.

Whether you are looking for extensions made from actual human hair or some synthetic materials, be careful with the quality. A professional and reputed salon will always guide you regarding the quality of different hair extensions present while providing you suitable insights regarding how to care for these extensions.

What to do if you are suffering from bad hair

bad hair

A bad hair can mess up your entire day. But when you are in a sort of rush, the last thing you can wish for is to spend hours fixing your all messy hair. When you are getting late for the office, such a scenario can be rather frustrating. Be it those annoying bangs or bumpy ponytails, to manage your hair style during rush hours, the best option is to go for hair extensions.  

Professional hair extensions experts can best utilize an armful of wefts to stylize your hair. In fact, you can achieve numerous styles with these extensions. The only thing to consider is the procedure for the part. Here are 2 of the best ways to style your extensions.  

Getting the hair extensions curled 

One of the best ways to get your hair extension styled is through the curly looks. Get them curled using a heated tong (a curler). However, the procedure can be time-consuming. You need to curl each and every weft using the tong prior to clipping them into one place. This process is considered to be a better way to manage the curling part of your hair extension while ensuring that all the wefts are evenly curved. If you want to create those relaxed curls, the best approach should be to tong the extension section by section, working in largest hair widths possible. There is no need to over-style the extension. For best of results, it is better to use those barrel curling tongs of 38 mm width. Keep the heat settings to lowest for creating tumbling and gorgeous curls that would cause less harm on the extensions.


Professional experts would suggest that you finish the process by running your fingers through the curls to blend the extensions perfectly with your actual hair. To provide the extension with a healthier appearance, you can apply some kind of shine-boosting serum.

 High ponytail can be a great option

If you have a bad hair day, there’s another way to create that amazing impact on your hair. How about a high ponytail? It would look great with the extensions. However, to achieve such a style, you need to clip the extension backward to let them face the right direction. Simply flip your extension upside down and then clip the extension from nape of your neck, similar to the same direction as the rest of the hair. Visit a professional hair extensions salon for the best tie-up. Once in a while, a visit is required to try out new styles. The salon professionals will provide you essential and easy tips to follow while you are facing a bad hair day.

Why Tape-In Hair Extensions Are A Rage This Summer


Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to enjoy those glamorous beach events. In fact, you will be more involved in performing outdoor activities and sports. You may be enjoying some fabulous vacation and travel around. Simply covering yourself with some lighter clothes and a pair sandals would make for a comfy attire. Add to a hair extension style that would make you feel relaxed yet stylish. For the summer time, it would be best to opt for the tape-in hair extension, the thin, invisible ones. They may provide you the perfect style as well make you feel relaxed and enjoy the comfort to maintain yourself during the hot and humid summer days.

If you have already used some kind of hair extensions, then you may probably know how these items play a strong role in enhancing your looks and improve your self-confidence level. But at the same time, high-quality hair extensions require strong maintenance. As a result, they are not worn daily and kept only for special occasions.

During the hot and humid climatic conditions, it may not be a great idea to wear those clip-in hair extensions. Those were the ideas of past. The present scenario is more focused towards tape-in hair extensions. These light-weight extensions can be worn while you are swimming or performing any kinds of activities. They can be easily worn without the help of a professional stylist. You can easily wear up or down these extensions. More importantly, they are long lasting and don’t get damaged when exposed to water or extreme heat. Visit a well-reputed hair extensions salon London and you would find different variants of tape-in hair extensions available to enhance your looks. Be it the micro rings, curly locks, or ponytails, you have different styles to make a choice from. These are also commonly known as invisible hair extensions since the tapes for attaching them to your natural hair are almost invisible. Also, being lightweight makes them easy for everyday use.

Unbelievable Benefits of Using Hair Extensions for Voluminous Outlook

Craving for long voluminous shiny smooth hair is a wish of every girl. Due to pollution we hardly get any opportunity or could properly take care of our hair. One of the most effective thing in market that has served the desire for a beautiful hair is the Hair Extensions. Those who suffer from short hair, hair loss, and indemnity, hair extension can be a solution to them as well. The top hair clinics in London graced with expert professional like one being Kirill who provides the top most solution of choosing the best hair extension for you. Knowing the advantages of Hair extension solution if very vital if you are planning to use one of a kind.

Shiny Hair

Hair Extension Adds Natural Look
Hair extension adds a natural look to your hair which can make your look more vibrant and elegant. You may go for curly or straight hair if you want to change your monotonous look. Hair extension helps to cover up split ends and makes the hair look healthy and shiny. You can increase or decrease the length of the hair according to your desire.

Hair Extension offer Diverse Colours
If you are planning to use some colorful hair extension you can go ahead with the colour you want to use. The most important is the hair extension must complement with your skin tone. If your skin tone is fair you may try out burgundy, brown, and even dark violet for an even outlook.

Hair Extension adds Volume
If you are running out of voluminous hair, simply go for hair extension. It adds beauty and volume altogether. Celebrities use hair extension for more volume during shoot or photo shoot for an exceptional outlook. Micro ring hair extension adds amazing volume and style using diverse ways.

Voluminous Hair

Hair extensions salon London boosts your needs when required, under the guidance of the professionals you can go ahead with whatever you want to do with your hair be it different cuts, styles or coloring perfect extension for elegance.

Top Hair Extension Professional In London Offer Some Stunning Human Hair Extension Work

A scenario where you are quickly losing hair can certainly be a cause of concern for you as an individual. In fact, it will not be wrong, if we address the scenario as confidence shattering development for you. You will certainly not want to take the situation lying down and the best solution for you at the point will be to look for a top hair extensions salon in London, which solely focuses on human hair extension.  If you are looking for hair growth solutions, you have other options, but the human hair extension work done by a top hair extension salon in London is just special. There are plenty of positives for you in such a scenario and hence let us discuss on these lines. You could have gone for synthetic wigs but they are just not washable.


The key factor of human hair extension is that, it is natural and certainly can be washed. You will perhaps love to style hair and a top hair salon in London focusing on human hair extension will offer you some wonderful variety so that, you could style it easily. One of the key negatives of going for the synthetic wig option is that you have to spend hours on its maintenance. This certainly is not the case if you look for human hair extensions in order to cover up baldness.

There is some stunning variety on offer, if you are looking to cover baldness but via use of human hair. Just discuss your options with a top professional and he will surely offer you some wonderful variety in this regard. Therefore, you can see that there are plenty of positives of getting a human extension job done, but once again we insist that to get a perfect job done, you need to be in the hands of a top professional.  You can certainly expect discreet and friendly service on offer from a reputed London hair extension salon.

You get to cover baldness by 100% human hair, but the key to note is that although negligible, but there are a few maintenance tips.  You will need to be updated about those issues and it is only an experienced hair extensions London saloon professional, who can offer you some great advice on this matter.  It is a lovely scenario for you because you are certainly being able to cover up baldness but also getting valuable maintenance advice.

Avail Top Notch Thick Human Hair Clip in Extensions Today

Every woman in this world has dreams of having long hair. Long hair has been, since time immemorial, a symbol of feminine beauty and attractiveness and this has made every woman yearn for long, silky hair which they can show off in parties. But unfortunately hair growth is a genetic factor and many women are in fact not genetically blessed to have long hair. Thus many women suffer from stunted hair growth and rapid hair loss. But genetic factors are not the sole causes why so many women suffer from hair woes. According to hair experts, regular exposure to air and water pollution also makes your hair become dry and brittle, and more liable to hair fall.  Also if you lead a very stressful lifestyle or an unhealthy one, with lots of spicy or oily food, then it will also have an adverse impact on your hair and lead to hair fall. If you have insomnia, or have trouble sleeping at night, you can again suffer from hair loss. Often many women complain that their hair seems to grow at a snail’s pace.

hair extensions.jpg.png


If you want long lustrous hair at a moment’s notice, hair extensions are your best solution. They are basically, hair wefts which are either bound together by small clips, through small micro loops or micro bonds or keratin tapes etc. Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length as well as width to your hair, some of the best hair salons in London which are run by hair experts who have great skill and expertise in all follicle related issue, have developed hair extensions made out of 100% authentic human hair.

Types of Hair Extensions:  Hair extensions can be of two types based on the type of hair it is made up of. It can be made of artificial hair or human hair. Human hair can again be classified into two types viz: Remy and virgin hair. Virgin hair means human hair which has not undergone any type of chemical processing to alter its color or texture. Remy hair on the other hand indicates hair which has undergone chemical processing. The exclusive salons provides Remy thick hair extensions which can be personalized according to your taste, preferences etc.

Benefits of Clip in Hair Extensions: Hair extensions can also be classified into various types according to how the wefts of hair are attached to your hair. The easiest and one of the most popular hair extensions are the clip in hair extension, where the hair extensions are attached to your hair using small clips, these clips can also be color coded to match your own hair , so that the clips appear almost invisible.  They are extremely easy to apply and takeout, so it’s the best option if you plan on having long hair for a particular evening out with friends. The top rated salons offer thick clip in hair extensions which are made from 100% authentic human hair obtained from countries in Eastern Europe such as Russia and Ukraine.

Thus if you are on the lookout for 100% authentic human hair extensions which are easy to apply as well as easy to take off, then you should pay a visit to one of these exclusive hair salons in your area. The master hair stylists and hair dressers with their skill and years of expertise can work wonders on your hair and transform you into a showstopper.