Increase the Volume and Growth of Hair by Applying Castor Oil Scalp Massages

Hair has always been the prime focus of both men and women since decades. Hair problems are multifarious and so are its treatments. Many people prefer visiting world  class salon specialists, sitting for two or three long sessions and availing the most beneficial hair spas and massages to enhance glamour of their tresses while some will just surf through the net searching for some effective home based remedies which is boost their hairline and give a shinier appeal. There are many treatments which can be easily available while browsing through the World Wide Web. Some are based on personal experiences while some are holistic advice and suggestions from reputed hairdressers and salon experts. One of the most essential treatments which is very often recommended by hair stylists and experts are castor oil massages. It is very good for hair is extracted out from castor oil plants which are available in Indian and East African regions. It is considered to boost the growth of hair, supply essential nutrition and help in reducing hair loss. Let’s proceed towards the usefulness of castor oil.


  1. The biggest advantage that this oil can provide is to hair loss sufferers who might have scorched through the net or consulted several experts to gain back hair. Castor oil works as miracle for all males and females who would love to see some hair growth on their scalp. Though inflammatory problems is considered to be the direct cause of hair loss there are several other reasons due to which a person may experience loss of hair like spread of bacteria on the head, scalp infections, diet and lifestyle modifications. For all these problems this oil suits perfectly as it is said to improve blood circulation. When hair follicles receive ample amount of blood and oxygen then your hair will get the optimum nourishment as a result of which you can witness hair growth and shine.
  2. Split ends and breakage is something which is very commonly faced by a women. Long, under-nourished hair can break fast and remain brittle, coarse and rough. Application of castor oil will provide the hair with sufficient nourishment and gives a smooth, silky sensation. It also helps in reducing split ends and hair breakage.
  3. If you are thinking of increasing the shine and volume of your tresses then application of this oil will serve to be of great help as it contains omega 6 fatty acids which moisturizes the scalp and adds volume to your hair.

Process of Applying:

  • If a routine scalp massage is done for at least twenty minutes the results can be quite satisfactory. Since castor oil causes vasodilation of blood vessels in the scalp you can experience fewer hair loss and increase in the bounce and voluminous appeal.
  • Another easy method by which you can evade the problem of hair loss is by applying a solution of castor oil on your scalp before going to sleep at night. Let it remain overnight while the essential oil gets sucked in and you get up in the morning feeling fresh and witnessing your hair which never looked much shinier, silky and radiant.
  • Castor is beneficial not only for hair related problems but also for solving physical problems like constipation. But it has side effects so, better consult a professional before consuming it.

Thus everything has its pros and cons. Similarly castor oil can suit some skin textures while for some it can harmful. Therefore it is always advisable to consult salon services and save yourself from any pain.

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