Avail Top Notch Thick Human Hair Clip in Extensions Today

Every woman in this world has dreams of having long hair. Long hair has been, since time immemorial, a symbol of feminine beauty and attractiveness and this has made every woman yearn for long, silky hair which they can show off in parties. But unfortunately hair growth is a genetic factor and many women are in fact not genetically blessed to have long hair. Thus many women suffer from stunted hair growth and rapid hair loss. But genetic factors are not the sole causes why so many women suffer from hair woes. According to hair experts, regular exposure to air and water pollution also makes your hair become dry and brittle, and more liable to hair fall.  Also if you lead a very stressful lifestyle or an unhealthy one, with lots of spicy or oily food, then it will also have an adverse impact on your hair and lead to hair fall. If you have insomnia, or have trouble sleeping at night, you can again suffer from hair loss. Often many women complain that their hair seems to grow at a snail’s pace.

hair extensions.jpg.png


If you want long lustrous hair at a moment’s notice, hair extensions are your best solution. They are basically, hair wefts which are either bound together by small clips, through small micro loops or micro bonds or keratin tapes etc. Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length as well as width to your hair, some of the best hair salons in London which are run by hair experts who have great skill and expertise in all follicle related issue, have developed hair extensions made out of 100% authentic human hair.

Types of Hair Extensions:  Hair extensions can be of two types based on the type of hair it is made up of. It can be made of artificial hair or human hair. Human hair can again be classified into two types viz: Remy and virgin hair. Virgin hair means human hair which has not undergone any type of chemical processing to alter its color or texture. Remy hair on the other hand indicates hair which has undergone chemical processing. The exclusive salons provides Remy thick hair extensions which can be personalized according to your taste, preferences etc.

Benefits of Clip in Hair Extensions: Hair extensions can also be classified into various types according to how the wefts of hair are attached to your hair. The easiest and one of the most popular hair extensions are the clip in hair extension, where the hair extensions are attached to your hair using small clips, these clips can also be color coded to match your own hair , so that the clips appear almost invisible.  They are extremely easy to apply and takeout, so it’s the best option if you plan on having long hair for a particular evening out with friends. The top rated salons offer thick clip in hair extensions which are made from 100% authentic human hair obtained from countries in Eastern Europe such as Russia and Ukraine.

Thus if you are on the lookout for 100% authentic human hair extensions which are easy to apply as well as easy to take off, then you should pay a visit to one of these exclusive hair salons in your area. The master hair stylists and hair dressers with their skill and years of expertise can work wonders on your hair and transform you into a showstopper.

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